How to make beef larb the Hmong way

This is a video I recorded using my iPhone 4S.  We went to a family gathering (spirit calling ceremony) for some relatives and my hubby was tasked to make some beef larb.  I decided to make a video of this because some people may be interested in learning about how Hmong make their larb.  My hubby is the one in the orange shirt in the video :-)  This dish shown here can feed up to 100 people.  Hmong family gatherings are usually very large and there is always a ton of food and goodies!

Hope you enjoy the video. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or comment on Youtube.  Please subscribe to our youtube channel!


What was the stuff in the motar that he put in the laarb?..Also, when you said beef stock, is it the stock from cooking the beef or beef stock as the one bought from the stores?

Hi CiCi, the stuff in the mortar was "xyab txob" (not sure what the english translation of this is) that was toasted and grounded/crushed. The beef stock is from cooking the beef in another dish.  It was a large party so they also made some beef soup. This is what we used in the larb.  Adding stock to the larb keeps it moist especially in large batches like this. With smaller batches, adding stock is not necessary and is adjustable by personal preference. :-)

FYI:  adding stock is really not necessary.  Do not overcook the beef and make sure it's nice and tender by not overcooking it.   If you overcook the beef, then it becomes very dry and tough.  There are 2 ways to cook the beef, in the oven or on a hot pan.  I like mine medium rare so it's nice and juicy.  Also make sure the beef is nice and thin so it takes less time to cook.  But not way too thin though because you'd want the inside of the beef to be pinkish.  When you're ready to slice them into small pieces, make sure you slice them very thin as well.  I'm now in my early 40's and still learning just because growing up, I was never taught, treated like a princess, which I regret, of course.  I'm not a good cook, but for beef larb, I do know a little.  Just so you know, I am Lao, originally from Fresno, CA now living in Riverside county, which is north of San Diego county.  Annie, if you happen to read this, please tell me which rice flour do you add to the steam tapioca layer cake?  Is it the Jasmine or the Sticky rice (Sweet rice)?  Thanks

Darouny, you can use regular rice flour. The kind that you buy with red lettering. In that recipe you only use a little rice flour. It is mostly tapioca starch that you use. Good luck.

Nice video!! Thanks for showing how to do this dish!! Will try it out soon :)

Thanks for watching!!!!

What was the other beef dish? How go upon making the beef larb if I don't have the stock?

If you don't have the stock, you can still make it the regular way without it.  The stock just adds more moisture to large quantity like this.  If you make a smaller batch, the stock isn't necessary.

Ok. Thanks for the tip.

Hi there.  This is Da.  I'd like to share my own recipe with you.  You don't need the stock, just like Annie said.  And you don't need ground beef if you're making a small amount just for your family.  If you don't have fresh beef, you can get it from the store, which comes in platters.  Don't slice or ground them yet until they're cooked.  How I do it: 1.  marinate the beef with MSG and salt,  put it in the oven or in a hot pan, DO NOT OVERCOOK.  If you do, then it becomes dry and tough.  Cook it to where the inside is pinkish(that's how I like it).  2.  slice them into small thin pieces.  3. add all the ingredients that you'd prefer.  How Annie's hubby made it in the video looks yummy too.  Well, that's just how I make mine, the Lao way.  My husband and I have many Hmong friends and eaten alot of delicious Hmong food. Just wanted to share, that's all.  Thank you all for reading.

Hi Da, thanks for sharing your recipe. I will give that a try.

I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to make Hmong sausages? I would love it!  -Mylia

I would love to make Hmong sausages especially if I have some fresh pork.  It's kind of cold here and not many pigs available.  Maybe someday when I travel up the Twin Cities, I'll get some fresh pork and make a sausage video.

i agree, i would love a hmong sausage tutorial

Can u make some fish Hmong style? Boiled, grilled, & fried please.

Yes, I have a recipe for those! I'm in process of compiling my cookbook and it will be released soon for the iPhone/iPad.

hi annie, i cant wait to try this recipe for my daughters birthday ...just curious though..i like my larb medium well so how lean should the beef be? im planning on just buying a few pounds from the grocery store...should i just get the regular 80/20 or do i need to go leaner? 

I have a recipe for easy ground beef larb (the kind that has fat and is used for hamburgers)... The one in this video was very lean cut of beef. It does not have much fat on it, if any at all.

HELLO! I just showed this video to my mom and she absolutely loved it!Can you list how this larb was made? Especially the beef broth/stock and what went into it? Thanks!

I just wanted to say if I was at that party, I'd be very sad to not have been able to eat it due to all the peppers that went into it! LOL.. I was also wondering if you had a more simple recipe for this? I love this dish but can't seem to get mine to taste like the ones at family parties. lol..

How do you make raw beef larb?

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